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Hard drive prices have dropped some so I have been able to lower the price(s) on the Foxconn Box a bit. 

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Hopefully you know why you are here :)  What we have here is boxes preloaded with Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials  WSSE.  Not only is this the only place to purchase an HP Microserver with WSSe, but it is also the best place to get the most bang for your buck with the only box you would ever need.

In the "olden" days we never backed up the desktops.  Now that I am doing it, I can't believe I did not do it before.  It is so simple, so inexpensive, and so automatic.  Set it and forget it.  If a desktop dies, I can just "reload" it.  No more looking for license numbers, downloading adobe, or explaining why the background picture of her grand baby was lost.  What can I say, "PFM" at it's best.


PS:  Hate this, but US of A only here, but click this link for other countries.  More added daily :)

PSS:  Other places you can get this great Solution for comparison.  Their boxes are a lot sexier than mine.  I have yet to pay for sex, but never say never :) If you want a NAS box with more than 2tb of data where you just need a place to put stuff that you don't need a backup for like Ripped DVD's where you still have the original,you should really look at these.  If you want to protect up to 25 PC's for desktop backup, or have less than 2tb of data to protect, just stay here and click add to cart.



High Rely

PSS: This Shopping Cart Software is all new to me. If you have any questions/comment or queries, please email me gramps@smallbizserver.com


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